Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cycling San Francisco: Lombard Street By Bike [HD VIDEO]

This bright clear day around the bay gave me a great excuse to test out the new GoPro. Here's a video of San Francisco's Lombard Street by bicycle.

Fake Cable Cars Behaving Badly
On the way there, I witnessed a fake cable car picking up passengers in the bike lane. In the time it took for me to chronicle this, two cyclist's had to take the lane. Not a biggie for the seasoned cyclist but it is still how accidents happen.

And I keep hearing how the lack of infrastructure is a dealbreaker for many would-be cyclists. Given that, it is a bummer to continually see existing infrastructure poached by motor vehicles with plenty of alternative places to park.

Hill Training With Extreme Prejudice
I love downtown San Francisco for outrageous hills to climb. Today was no Seven Hills of Hell but it had some tasty climbs.


  1. Nice video! I watched a scuba diving video with a go-pro and it was amazing. I gotta get me one. I assume it's mounted on your helmet? Are you using it when you ride now, to protect you from would be careless drivers?

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