#SharrowHeart Hashtag Campaign

Our roadways need more love and less blood. People are needlessly dying and getting seriously hurt.

Many cities have started prompting road users to share by adding "sharrow" insignias on streets where dedicated bike lanes don't yet exist.

However, many drivers and even cyclists still don't know what a sharrow is (see here). Yet, we all know too well the death, injury, or rage, that can result when cars and bikes fail to share the road.

To boost awareness, please post pics of sharrow love on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc, with the #sharrowheart hashtag.

If you want this reflective sticker to put on a car or bike, just comment on this post.

Show everyone possible that many of us already have a #sharrowheart and it's growing.

Here is a sample of the posts from Instagram:


  1. I'd love a sharrow sticker! (Or two if that's not greedy - one for car and one for scooter) How can we get one?

    1. Hey Robert, just send your address to jbrooks@planbike.com.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Corey, just send your address to jbrooks@planbike.com.

  3. Hi Jody, I blog at Http://bike5.com and am a big fan of sharrows, shared streets and woonerts. I'd love a sticker. I'll email you. Thanks for all you do. Include your return address when you send it and I'll get you a Bike 5 sticker as well. Cheers,

  4. The sharrow is an excellent roadway marking to raise awareness that cyclists belong in the travel lane. The heart sharrow sticker is a great tool to spread the awareness throughout communities that have sharrows on the road. The R4-11 signs Bicycles May User Full lane is a superb adjunct to the sharrow and is supported by the MUTCD.

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