Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gliding through the gridlock of North Beach

After taking CalTrain back from lunch with my friend Christine (a recent PlanBike convert), I traversed the city by bike to return a Christmas gift in the Marina district. Taking Larkin street, I have to note that I got to the other side of town faster than all the cars traveling alongside me. I wasn't even trying. The combination of stop signs and clogged turn lanes ensured the dozen cars snarled repeatedly, while I whizzed by. The hill climbs were also mild.

On the way back, I took Columbus. It was dusk and the combination of car tail lights, San Francisco skyline, and North Beach sidewalks created a beautiful scene for anyone not driving. Gliding through it was even better. I capped the experience by enjoying a quintessential San Franciscan beer, Anchor Steam, in a quintessential San Franciscan bar, Tosca.


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