Sunday, January 17, 2010

Profile of Convert #1: A Conservative Cycles Home

My friend Christine and I love to debate. Typically, we debate politics and religion. Most recently, we debate environmental issues and what to do about them. She tends to be right-wing on a lot of issues. I tend to be left-wing.

Nevertheless, both of us like to think we can cross those traditional lines for good ideas. This year Christine proved she can. Rather than replace her aging car, she bought a used bike and started getting to work with a combination of the bike and CalTrain. She does this not once or twice a week but everyday, rain or shine.

Although Christine is skeptical of some claims about climate change, she didn't let that stop her from cycling to work. She says she has shaved 20 minutes off her commute in the process because she doesn't sit in traffic anymore.

She gets to park her $200 bike right outside the front door of the law office where she works. No trawling for nearby parking spaces.

To me, she is an inspiration. She saw the plain common sense of taking the most time- and cost-efficient mode of transport to work and did something about it.

She also succeeded in putting the pressure on me to show I can think just as flexibly.