Friday, December 25, 2009

Jackson Hole cyclists show no fear of the cold

This guy was gettin' it done in 25 degrees in downtown Jackson. He is helped by what appears to be a massive effort to promote commuter cyclists year-round in this snowy paradise.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known worldwide as a mecca for skiers and snowboarders because of the stunningly steep and beautiful Grand Tetons. Wyoming is not known as a particularly progressive environmental state but you wouldn't know it from all the bike lanes they've installed.

Your stamina permitting, it is now possible to pedal in a bike lane over the Grand Tetons from Jackson, Wyoming to Driggs, Idaho. They even plow the bike lanes!

Go into a sporting goods store and you wouldn't know summer ended because of all the bikes on display. They even sell studded tires to ensure you cut through any ice.

The whole area is covered in bike lanes. Go Jackson and Driggs and go guy on the bike.


  1. I LOVE Jackson, WY--super cute town, and one of my favorite places to snowboard... the people are friendly but definitely hardcore, so I'm not surprised that they're out there biking in the winter...We used to do it in Wisconsin, of course--so I know how they feel. Since moving to CA, winter riding hasn't been quite so chilly!